Top 10 Best Lampe Berger Fragrances of All Time - Lampe Berger Review
Top 10 Lampe Berger Fragrances

Top 10 Best Lampe Berger Fragrances of All Time

Picking out the right Lampe Berger Paris fragrance is kind of fun, there is so many to choose from though it can be overwhelming. When we started Lampe Berger Review our mission has been to document our reviews of each of their fragrances and help user figure out which scents they should use in their own lamps at home.

We've put together the most popular Lampe Berger fragrance reviews based on what fragrances people buy the most, which ones rate the highest in our reviews, and which reviews get the most views on our website. We hope our list of Top 10 Lampe Berger scents helps you find your next Lampe Berger fragrance. Depending on what your looking for you should also check out our lists for:

After you've learned all about Lampe Berger and how they work, you'll want to get a few select fragrances. These are the classics, the tried and true winners, the best Lampe Berger fragrances of all time. 

Charleston Lampe Berge Fragrance

Charleston Lampe Berge Fragrance

1. Charleston Lampe Berger Fragrance

The Charleston scent combines the warm scents of Cinnamon, Honey and Tonka Beans for a unique and homey scent. While the thick and spicy scents of Cinnamon and Tonka Beans are more often drawn on in the colder months, the woodsy scent compliments the humid lushness of summer in the South. Lampe Berger delivers a full but not overpowering scent with the Charleston that is pleasant and aromatic.

The Charleston scent is more masculine than the typical flowery and citrusy scents associated with summer. The spicy profile may not be for everyone, but those who want a change from the norm may enjoy this interesting scent profile. This is especially true if floral and sweet scents don’t appeal to you.

Radient Bergamot

Radient Bergamot

2. Radiant Bergamot Lampe Berger Fragrance

Does Radiant Bergamot Lampe Berger Fragrance smell good? No, it smells GREAT!

A zesty and refreshing fragrance. Top notes: mandarin, orange, cardamom. Heart notes: bergamot orange, petitgrain and black pepper. Base notes: orange blossom, jasmine. From the region of Calabria in the south of Italy, bergamot orange is a citrus fruit widely used in perfumery. A zesty and refreshing fragrance which takes us to the sunny Italian coast. The top is aromatic, with mandarin and orange alongside cardamom. The heart carries the inimitable freshness of bergamot on a delicate floral base of orange blossom and jasmine.

Oriental Star Lampe Berge Fragrance

Oriental Star Lampe Berge Fragrance

3. Oriental Star Lampe Berger Fragrance

This spicy dream fragrance almost always tops the lists, described as daring and adventurous, it's a scent that will have your guests curious but intrigued. A bit masculine with strong notes of leather and amber, dashed with pepper and sweetness of vanilla - I often compare it to a complex cabernet wine, where every sniff reveals a deeper note.

Oriental Star exudes sophistication and luxury as a solid pick for a home or buisness fragrance.

Crème brûlée Lampe Berge Fragrance

Crème brûlée Lampe Berge Fragrance

4. Crème brûlée Lampe Berger Fragrance

First, there’s a noise. The crack as the spoon breaks the thin crust of caramelized sugar to reveal the smooth creamy yellow beneath. This releases a smell like no other, both subtle and sensual: the sweetness of the slowly simmered milk, the fleshy fruitiness of the vanilla, the luxurious sugariness of the caramel. Then and only then, once your nose has flirted for long enough with the promise of physical pleasure, comes the tasting: the very slight bitterness of almond spreading over your taste buds, the velvety feel of cream rolling over your tongue. Crème brûlée is not just a dessert. It’s almost a sin.

New orleans Lampe Berge Review

New Orleans Lampe Berger 

5. New Orleans Lampe Berger Fragrance

New Orlean's is an amazing city - rich in history. This scent captures the essence of New Orleans.

Step out into the french market with a delicious sweet perfume with fruits accents and highlighted by the sweet cinnamon, honey and vanilla. New Orleans, the sweetness at it’s pure form, an overwhelming fragrance.

Cotton Dreams Lampe Berge Fragrance

Cotton Dreams Lampe Berge Fragrance

6. Cotton Dreams Lampe Berger Fragrance

Nothing feels better than a set of fresh cotton sheets. Slip into paradise with this clean smell.

Invokes the familiar smell of clean, this airy fragrance is made of fresh Marseille soap and bergamot which go well with the lavender and pine tree aromatic scents.

Summer Night Lampe Berge Fragrance

Summer Night Lampe Berge Fragrance

7. Summer Night Lampe Berger Fragrance

Lampe Berger’s other functional fragrance in addition to So Neutral is called Summer Night. The scent used in the Summer Night formula is Ocean Breeze scent. Ocean Breeze has been described as the lightest and cleanest of the LB scents. This scent has amber, Cassis, jasmin, rose, and white musk overtones with citrus and wood notes. It can be mixed with So Neutral for just a touch of fragrance.

atlantic tide lampe-berger smells like the ocean

Atlantic Tide Lampe Berger - smells like the ocean

8. Atlantic Tide Lampe Berger Fragrance

The best sea aroma, lightly iodized, this fragrance is fresh and invigorating, and then it softens thanks to the woody sandalwood, cedar and patchouli notes

Ocean Breeze Lampe Berge Fragrance

Ocean Breeze Lampe Berge Fragrance

9. Ocean Breeze Lampe Berger Fragrance

A fruity marine fragrance, an invigorating cocktail where marine notes reveal themselves on a hint of citrus fruits plunged into a light floral heart, emphasized by exotic woods.

Amber Powder Lampe Berger Fragrance Review

Amber Powder Lampe Berger Fragrance Review

10. Amber Powder Lampe Berger Fragrance

This sensual fragrance begins with the subtlety of a rose, then offers an enjoyment of lily of the valley and vanilla scents, and finishes with a touch of captivating amber and patchouli.


So there you have it, the most popular lampe berger fragrance list from 1 -10.

Have a favorite lampe berger fragrance you think is better than the ones on the list? Let us know about it!

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