When to replace a Lampe Berger Wick - Lampe Berger Review

When to replace a Lampe Berger Wick

Lampe Berger wicks do not last forever, but buying a replacement Lampe Berger Wick is pretty easy and will get your lamp back to full performance. You should only buy replacement wicks that are from lampe berger or you risk not getting one of high quality, the most common replacement wick we get is the Lampe Beger 85 AC Catalytic Burner Replacement.

The Classic 85 wick will fit in pretty much any Lampe Berger lamp and it's wick is only 6 inches long so you should have no problems unless you have some really rare or very small antique Lampe Berger lamp.

When you get your replacement make sure the wick is a real Lampe Berger. It should be stamped Lampe Berger and just know that the classic 85 stone/burner is so much better than the cheaper alternatives. The off brands will not last you nearly as long as real Lampe Berger.

Even if your catalytic stone looks very hot, you may not be getting the full performance out of your Lampe Berger lamp if you never have replaced the wick and stone.

Lampe Berger Problems

The most common Lampe Berger problems are as follows:

  • The Lampe Berger Wick (catalytic stone) does not light immediately
  • The Lampe Berger Wick (catalytic stone) does not light at all
  • The Fragrance does not come out and fill the room
  • The Fragrance only disperses for a few minutes

All of these issues can be resolved by replacing your wick, or by making sure you are following our directions on how to use Lampe Berger 

Lampe Berger wicks are good for an average use of about 250 times.

One common question we get asked is, does lampe berger really purify air?

The answer is yes it does, when you light your Lampe Berger Essential oils are dispersed into the air as part of the catalytic conversion process this process allows your Lampe Berger lamp to clean the air and disperse the fragrance for hours at a time.

By keeping your Lampe Berger wick in good shape and replacing after a while you ensure you are enjoying all the benefits of Lampe Berger

If you use your Lampe Berger often, you may need a new wick. Remember, if your Lampe Berger doesn't light up easily, is having big difficulty staying lit or doesn't fill your room with fragrance it is probably time for a replacement.

How to Replace your Lampe Berger Wick

It's very easy to replace the wick. First, remove and dispose of the existing wick. After which the new wick can be inserted into the lampe. If you do not have any liquid in your lampe berger, add enough to cover half the wick and let it soak for at least 20 minutes. After a good soak you can use your lampe berger as normal.

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