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Perle hazelnut lampe berger lamp

Top 10 Benefits of Using Lampe Berger

One of the biggest benefits of Lampe Berger is the disinfecting action of heating isopropyl alcohol to purify the air by breaking down the impurities on a molecular level. It collects and destroys bacteria and foul odors, and increases the oxygen level. There are many benefits to using a Lampe Berger.

1. The Ozoalcool found in the essential oils generate a natural ozone in the air, removing bacteria and preventing illness.
2. Breaks down second-hand smoke, removing it from the air.
3. Kills dust mites.
4. Prevents mold growth.
5. Removes cooking and bathroom smells as well as pet odors from the air.
6. Releases negative ions, which strengthens the immune system.
7. Repels insects.
8. Removes airborne dust.
9. Can kill fleas.
10. Pet-friendly.

The catalytic combustion process releases Anions and negative ions into the air, reducing fatigue, improving the immune system, and activates cell renewal. It’s easy to see why hospitals, mortuaries, and household across the world are using Lampe Berger today.

Even the fragrances themselves offer life-changing benefits. Extracted from plants, they have Phytocidere that works to disinfect the air while repelling insects, such as mosquitoes. Many scents carry properties for better health.

Lavender – Helps ease insomnia, relaxes you and lowers your blood pressure. It removes odors, has anti-bacteria and anti-stress properties.
Eucalyptus – Helps with sinus problems, respiratory illnesses, and is a bacteria buster. Can alleviate the symptoms of the flu and asthma. Removes odors and has anti-stress properties.
Citronelle – Helps ease the pain and symptoms of a migraine. Works as an anti-depressant, and helps remove stress, odors, and bacteria.
Sandalwood – Relaxes the muscles, and is believed to bring luck and prosperity while removing odors. Has anti-stress and anti-bacterial properties.
Green Tea– Helps with relaxation, relieves tension, pain, and muscle spasms along with easing stress and removing bacteria from the air.
Ocean – Helps improve memory. It is also anti-bacteria and anti-stress.
Patchouli – Therapeutic, helping with depression and relieving stress while removing odor with anti-bacteria and anti-stress properties.
Verbena – Contains antiviral properties that reduce fevers while helping with insomnia, fatigue, and depression. Also anti-bacteria, and anti-stress.
Ambre – Helps prevent aging, rejuvenates cells, relieves stress, odors, and is anti-bacteria.
Cedar – Contains medicinal properties that help with digestion and Rheumatism.

With hundreds of scents to choose from, many of which offer health benefits, you can mix and match to create your own perfect fragrance. Don’t want to scent the air? They have more than one with health benefits without fragrance.

About the Lamp in the Featured Image

Perle hazelnut lampe berger lamp

Perle hazelnut lampe berger lamp

It is the Perle hazelnut Lampe Berger Lamp that has a rounded and elegant shape to it. The styling on the bottom of the lamp is done to represent 5 rows of pearls. The “Perle” dark grey metal mounting engraved with “LAMPE BERGER PARIS” sumptuously crowns the lamp, creating a sophisticated finish.

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