10 Best Lampe Berger Fragrances for Summer - Lampe Berger Review
Best Lampe Berger Fragrances for Summer

10 Best Lampe Berger Fragrances for Summer

The transition from the colder to warmer months is a vibrant time of growth. It isn’t just your wardrobe, activities and mental attitude that should change. The scents you display in your home or office can further reinforce the freeing feeling of summer, and create a fresh ambiance to enhance the mood brought on by longer, warmer days.

While the cozy heavy scents associated with winter are a great distraction from the shorter days and dreary weather, transitioning to lighter and fresher smells will rejuvenate your home and your senses. Furthermore, warmer weather should bring a different scent profile since the warm air causes scents to travel further and and the higher humidity traps it and causes it to linger longer. Heavy scents just aren’t necessary at this time of year.

While summer may remind you of blooming flowers and earthy warmth, in reality the heat and humidity can bring and trap less pleasant smells in your home. Whether you are freshening the air for guests or creating a pleasant atmosphere for your personal enjoyment, below is a list of popular scent profiles to get you started. Also, with doors and windows open more often, it is good to make sure unpleasant smells outdoors don’t take over the indoors.

Rather than just cover old smells with new and stronger ones, Lampe Berger fragrances are designed to eliminate odor and purify the air. With over a decade of experience creating delightful and unique scents, Lampe Berger provides the expertise to ensure a fulfilling aroma in your home. Lampe Berger offers a wide array of Summer themed home fragrances designed to be used with Lampe Berger lamps. You can expect one of Lampe Berger’s 500mL bottles to provide 80 hours of scent. However, burning one of their scents in your lamp for two hours will be sufficient to cleanse the air and leave a lingering fragrance.

Ten Succulent Summer Scents by Lampe Berger

1. Charleston Lampe Berger Fragrance

The Charleston scent combines the warm scents of Cinnamon, Honey and Tonka Beans for a unique and homey scent. While the thick and spicy scents of Cinnamon and Tonka Beans are more often drawn on in the colder months, the woodsy scent compliments the humid lushness of summer in the South. Lampe Berger delivers a full but not overpowering scent with the Charleston that is pleasant and aromatic.

The Charleston scent is more masculine than the typical flowery and citrusy scents associated with summer. The spicy profile may not be for everyone, but those who want a change from the norm may enjoy this interesting scent profile. This is especially true if floral and sweet scents don’t appeal to you.

2. Grapefruit Passion Lampe Berger Fragrance

Like the name implies, Grapefruit Passion combines the citrusy sweet scent of Grapefruit with an infusion of zesty Orange and White Musk. While the tangy scent of citrus is well suited for the summer season, this scent’s inclusion of Musk balances out the sweet fruit smells for a favorable blend.

Summer scents can sometimes be overwhelmingly sweet or fruity. The Grapefruit Passion scent may be a good choice for those who want to fill their homes with a pleasant smell without overpowering sweetness or biting tanginess.

3. Ocean Breeze Lampe Berger Fragrance

For those who live on the coast and want to enhance the pleasing beachside smells of summer, or for those who just enjoy having a reminder of the ocean even when they are sitting indoors miles away, this scent may be the ideal match.

If you attribute the summer months with the clean and fresh scent of the ocean, Ocean Breeze might fit the bill. Ocean Breeze includes Tangerine, Iris and exotic wood. This popular scent is fresh without being flowery, and proves to be a subtle and pleasant addition to your home.

4. Extreme Orange Lampe Berger Fragrance

Releasing a citrus flavor that opens your airways, Extreme Orange’s zesty and green fragrance clears the air and enhances breathing. Mixing scents such as Lemon zest for freshness and Freesia for the light summery aroma, Extreme Orange delivers powerful smell without overpowering your home. Orange is well suited for driving out bad smells, and might be well used for humid days in order to avoid stuffy unwanted odors.

5. Luminous Mimosa Lampe Berger

While you may think of a tasty alcoholic beverage made with Champagne when you hear Mimosa, the Luminous Mimosa scent is actually named after the small tree from Australia with beautiful vibrant colors.

The Luminous Mimosa is a fairly new release from Lampe Berger with scents including Mimosa, Cardamom and Musk. A touch of citrus brightens Luminous Mimosa’s scent profile while bottom notes including Gardenia and Tonka Beans deepen the complexity. Mimosa trees come with deep yellow flowers that carry a significant feminine scent. Lampe Berger’s goal with this aroma is to bring the sunniness of summer into your home.

6. Summer Rain Lampe Berger Fragrance

Rainstorms in the summer are unique from the rest of the year because the rain in combination with warmth unlocks an earthy and clean smell around you. After a pounding summer rainstorm subsides, the heady smell is cathartic. For a unique take on a staple of the warm months, Summer Rain combines Basil, Lilac and Patchouli to create a woodsy and earthy scent. The soothing Eucalyptus notes bring a welcome touch to this fresh scent.

Users who prefer to avoid an overwhelming smell will appreciate this mild and clean scent. The mild nature of this aroma makes it a good addition to any room of the house. It is also a good change of pace from the typical citrusy scents that tend to dominate in the summer.

7. Atlantic Tide Lampe Berger Fragrance

Showcasing a mixture of Rosewood, Cedar and Patchouli, Atlantic Tide is considered to be one of Lampe Berger’s lighter scents. Similarly to Ocean Breeze, this scent brings a clean and fresh smell to your home that will take you to the beach even when you are landlocked.

Those looking to avoid overpowering feminine or strong odors will appreciate the delicate freshness Atlantic Tide brings to the table. Those who are looking for a powerful scent to clear out other smells may want to choose something a bit stronger.

8. Citrus Leaves Lampe Berger Fragrance

The name Citrus Leaves alone brings two powerful forces of summer, the tart freshness of produce in season and the green lushness of flora at their peak. While a complex mixture of Nutmeg, Lime, and Bergamot bring the citrusy sweet part of the scent; Sage, Thyme and Musk form a base that suggests the freshness of nature. Green tea and Violet scents bring a light sweet scent reminiscent of spring and early summer.

You may find the hints of lemon and the grassy scent ideal in a kitchen setting to freshen up the room after cooking. Even when burned for a short time Lampe Berger’s aromas clear the air and linger pleasantly.

9. Summer Nights Lampe Berger Fragrance

Summer Nights’ scent is unique in that the fragrance doubles as a bug repellant. As romantic and lush as Summer nights are, unfortunately mosquitos are a common nuisance. So you can literally take your Summer Nights fragrance out into the summer night in order to avoid the unpleasant aspects of the warm evening.

The insect repellant is rather effective, and the pleasant ocean themed scent provides a sense of tranquility. Enjoy lighting a lamp with this fragrance when you are relaxing on your patio or barbequing outside this summer.

10. Fresh Linen Lampe Berger Fragrance

Freshly laundered clothes snapping briskly on a clothes line in the summer wind. This image defines summer in the countryside and Fresh Linen combines lemon, white peach and powder to recreate a summer staple without having to hang a single item of clothes.

The lightly scented fragrance may prove to be too mild for some, but just right if you prefer a gentler aroma. Fresh Linen may be ideal for use in the bedroom, contributing to a relaxing and fresh summery vibe without becoming distracting.

Final thoughts when considering Lampe Berger summer scents

As stated before, smells linger longer and carry farther in the warm and humid weather. Bad smells have a tendency to linger as well, and can often overpower the more pleasant smells we associate with summer such as flowers in bloom or freshly mown grass. With that in mind, it is even more crucial at this time of year to take control over what your nose encounters.

The purifying properties of Lampe Berger scents give you an added benefit in that these aromas won’t just mask undesirable smells but eliminate them. Now it is up to you to decide if you prefer something mild or strong, and what scent profile you gravitate toward. Whether you prefer flowery, citrusy, musky or earthy scents; there are options for you.

If you plan to purchase a Lampe Berger scent be sure that you burn it in a Lampe Berger lamp for best results since their fragrances are alcohol based, not oil based.

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