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Top 10 Romantic Lampe Berger Fragrances for your Bedroom

Are you married? Have you been in a relationship for a long time and wish to see it go even further? Then, perhaps you are wondering how you can make your love life more romantic. One sure fire way to make it more romantic is to fix up the bedroom. And we can guarantee you, the best way to promote a romantic mood, is to use fragrances in your bedroom. If your still confused on lampe berger checkout:

In order to help you out further, we have listed our top 10 Most Romantic Lampe Berger fragrances for your bedroom. 

1. Add some Crème Brulee vibe:

Crème Brulee fragrance

    Ceme Brulee Lampe Berger Oil

One of the most premium kind of fragrances that you can have for your bedroom is the Crème Brulee fragrance. The Crème Brulee consists of a composition of sweet fragrances like coconut, caramel and vanilla. We can assure you that within 20 minutes of use, this fragrance will certainly make you feel more relaxed and calm.

2. Or you can move away to Paris

Paris Chic Lampe Berger Oil

        Paris Chic Lampe Berger Oil

Paris is generally synonymous with romance and food. This Paris chic fragrance is one that will truly lift your senses. With an amazing composition of rose, peach, and grapefruit, the Paris chic fragrance is one that is bound to make the air feel like Paris’ romantic air.

3. You can also try the Heavenly Spruce

 Heavenly Spruce Lampe Berger Oil

        Heavenly Spruce Lampe Berger Oil

The Heavenly Spruce is one of the most delicate and premium fragrances made available by Lampe Berger. It has a rich combination of cedar, amber, cinnamon and blue fur. All of these ingredients will soon turn the air into an exquisite blend of sweet smells. It is long lasting and easy to use.

4. Make your environment precious

           Precious Jasmin Lampe Berger Oil

Undesirable odors can make the house feel unclean and unwelcoming. Even you will feel out of place and not in the mood for any romance. The Precious Jasmine fragrance effectively eliminates all such odors due to its unique blend of ylang-ylang, peach, orange blossom and jasmine. All of these components make for a unique smell that turns the mood to romance.

5. You can float away in Cotton Dreams

Cotton Dreams Lampe Berger

Cotton Dreams Lampe Berger Oil

According to one study, it has been suggested that the air and environment greatly affect the nature of the dreams you have. The Cotton Dreams fragrance is an exquisitely rich and delicate scent that consists of several fragrances such as sandalwood, lavender, and bergamot. The Cotton Dreams will leave you in a romantic trance.

6. Romance your way into the Summer night

Summer Night Lampe Berger

Timeless Rose Lampe Berger Oil

Perfumed with the Ocean Breeze fragrance, the Summer Night scent is one of the most energizing. You can relax in the comfort of your own bedroom with the sweet aroma of summer nights. This fragrance is long lasting and makes the air more romantic for you and your partner to enjoy. 

7. Some moments are timeless like Timeless Rose

Timeless Rose Lampe Berger Oil

                           Timeless Rose Lampe Berger Oil

Roses are a symbol of love and calmness. Their scent is one of the most famous and most loved out of all floral fragrances. The Timeless Rose is one such fragrance that is romantic and fills the air with an aroma that makes you more eager to be with your loved one and spend time with them.

8. Increase your PASSION with Floral Passion

Floral Passion Lampe Berger Oil

Floral Passion Lampe Berger Oil

A romantic date or event is not complete without flowers and chocolates. A floral scent is one that is most pleasing to the senses. This Floral Passion fragrance promotes a sense of longing and love that is most prominent when it is applied. 

9. Awaken your sensual self with Sensual Bouquet

Sensual Bouquet Lampe Berger Oil

 Sensual Bouquet Lampe Berger Oil

The sensual bouquet is indeed one of the most effective kind of fragrances that really puts you in the romantic mood. It is a floral scent that is mixed with the smells of different flowers and scents that truly signify a romantic aroma.

10. Become a star with the Oriental Star

Oriental Star Lampe Berger Oil

        Oriental Star Lampe Berger Oil

The oriental star is definitely the most relaxing and soothing aroma on this list. With the Oriental Star, you can forget about your worries and tensions in life. You can relax with your loved one and have a much healthier lifestyle all together.


That is our list of top fragrances. We hope you enjoyed our list and we also hope you will try some of the products listed. This list will make your life much more adventurous and romantic. It will promote a sense of goodwill and love. If you agree, comment below or if you think we missed out on any noteworthy lampe breger fragrances for the bedrooms.

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