Water Fruits Lampe Berger Fragrance - Lampe Berger Review
Water Fruits Lampe Berge Fragrance

Water Fruits Lampe Berger Fragrance

A light and exotic Home Fragrance. Top notes: Pear, pineapple, exotic fruits, green notes. Heart notes: Pitaya, water fruits, lotus flower. Bottom notes: Vanilla, white musk.

Fruits d’Eau or Water Fruits is a young and modern fragrance which would suit all consumers looking for something delicately exotic.

The new Lampe Berger Water Fruits Fragrance is a lovely olfactory construction around Pitaya, also called dragon fruit. It opens with a cocktail of juicy and crunchy fruits enhanced with green notes. The heart reveals the sunny aroma of dragon fruit, enhanced with aqueous and luminous facets. The base is warm and consists of sweet musk and vanilla. A generous cocktail of juicy fruits – an explosion of exotic notes with a perfect olfactory balance. Perfume secret: Pitaya is the fruit from different species of cactus plants. Originally from Mexico, these cactus plants look like climbing vines and were imported to Vietnam by French settlers in the early 19th century. The Vietnamese call it “Dragon fruit” in reference to the plant that produces it, which climbs up tree trunks and whose interlacing pattern recalls the sinuous form of a dragon’s body. It is edible and looks like the Kiwi fruit due to its texture and little black seeds. It has a sweet and fresh taste and an after-taste of milk.

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