Subtle Almond Lampe Berger Fragrance - Lampe Berger Review

Subtle Almond Lampe Berger Fragrance

This scent is remarkably fragrant and has a very natural smell. It is derived from almonds that gives it a very organic smell. The quality of the fragrance is unparalleled and leaves the air wonderfully purified and fragrant. This makes your home environment very relaxing and comfortable. 

The fragrance: A milky and smooth fragrance. Head notes: almond, green aniseed. Heart notes: vanilla, hawthorn and jasmine. Bottom notes: sandalwood, musk, amber.



Bitter and toxic in its wild form, the almonds used in perfumery are sweet almonds, obtained following a rare and difficult mutation that occurred 3000 years ago. Lampe Berger chose to use this ingredient to create an incomparable olfactory signature. A unique fragrance obtained through a judicious blend of aniseed, green and almond notes, combined in its heart with a delicious floral bouquet, and sustained by its suave and oriental sandalwood bottom notes. An elegant, milky and smooth home fragrance. Find out more: Perfume secret: Almonds are the main agricultural product exported by California, they are cultivated through the pollination of almond fields which requires 1,500,000 bee hives, making this the largest bee transhumance in the world.



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