Lampe Berger Cercle Exquisite Sparkle Mist Diffuser Set - Lampe Berger Review

Lampe Berger Cercle Exquisite Sparkle Mist Diffuser Set

Lampe Berger Cercle mist diffuser set is one of the best electric diffusers compared to similar products available in the market. It is considered one of the best ultrasonic diffusers that can produce an instant calm,  delicate, and humidifying mist diffusion to create a great environment to live in.  In addition to this, the  Lampe Berger comes with an updated and advanced material that ensures long-lasting results.

Likewise,  you can quickly pour your favorite Lamp Berger mist fragrance into the diffuser. This process should proceed then to attach diffuser with an electric connection to have friendly and fantastic functionality.  Unlike fuel burning Lamp Berger sets, it offers multiple settings to set intensity and light. So you can use these settings well according to your wish or the size of your room to spread the scent all-around your home nicely.  

 If we talk about its bottom, you will amuse to know that it is made with piezo ceramic stone.  The bottoms' specialty includes the fast ultrasound vibrations when you connect the Lampe Berger with an electric connection. As a result, these shakings diffuse the fragrance solution as mild mist. Which then your friends and family members are going to enjoy along with you with this lovely scent.

Types of diffusers

There are several room diffusers available in the market; here we go with some of them and their functionality.

Water diffuser - They are the most affordable ones among the diffusers, and mostly the people were very familiar with them. Their basins were mainly filled with the water and the favorite oil fragrance. Then, the electronically produced ultrasonic waves diffuse the mixture of water and oil into the room to make it pleasant. It is available according to the room size and can produce mist, and the best ones to use as the humidifiers.

Electric heat diffuser  - They are very similar to teacup saucer in shape and have an indentation in the middle, where you can fill the Lampe Berger scent.  Then, it heats up through the electrical connection to spread the fragrance in the air. They are considered as the best Lampe Berger Exquisite and also available in the mist Lampe Berger set. They are easy to use and wash with a mild soap. The smell lasts long until it gets evaporate completely, also available in different sizes in the market.

Evaporative diffuser - Evaporative diffuser was filled with oil and the wooden sticks or reed. The sticks suck the oil, and the Lampe Berger scent starts spreading around once the oil reaches the top of the reed. They don't produce mist and don't require any heat, water, and electricity. However, they are the slowest ones' best choice for the small rooms because they don't have any helping agent spread the Lampe Berger fragrance around quickly.

Nebulizer diffuser - These diffusers are the most effective Lampe Bergers for aromatherapy because they provide a high concentration of essential oil. It mainly works by breaking down the oil molecules through which the Lampe Berger scent spread around quickly.  The only drawback that we notice is that they are expensive and hard to clean compared to the other Lampe Berger electric fragrance diffuser. Moreover, they consume a lot of oil as well.

After studying these types of the Lampe Berger diffuser, you will now get the idea or the basic concept of the diffuser's functionality and features. But still, we are not confirmed which type of Lampe Berger lamps will suit us because they are of different styles and price. Don't worry, after reviewing and doing detailed research, we bring one of the best Lamp Berger diffusers that will surely amuse you a lot and well worth its cost and serve you in the best way.

Foremost, this Mist diffuser's remote control feature makes it a more exciting and worth buying tool. Like you can control it remotely, especially when it comes to light and Fragrance intensity.  Lampe Berger Cercle Exquisite sparkle mist diffuser set comes with remote control. You can set light intensity from soft to intense and oscillating and diffusion from the continuous to intermediate.

Lamp Berger electric fragrance diffuser is the only type of mist diffuser that doesn’t have a flame and preserves the essential oil virtues. Moreover, it has been observed that the flame diffuser is not the ideal one for having a pleasant fragrance environment, as they produce a bad smell as well along with a pleasant one and not filter the air nicely.  But that not happens when you buy the  Lamp Berger sparkle mist diffuser.

Moreover, the Maison Berger diffuser refills is a brand that allows you to use ready-made fragrances. That's why it comes with a bottle made up of fresh wood and has a capacity of 475ml. You can easily refill any of the Lampe Berger fragrances, and now your diffuser is ready to use. Similarly, it would help if you are no worried about the mixture of the solution because the refill scents come with an average ratio.

Things we like the most about it:

Well, unlike other diffusers available in the market, the  Lampe Berger electric fragrance diffuser doesn’t require a dosage of essential oils and water.  The only thing that you need to do is to fill the  Maison Berger with a diffuser refill or with your favorite Lampe Berger scent, plug it in a switch,  set the lighting and diffuser intensity according to your liking, and enjoy your Lampe Berger.

There is no use in having a well-furnished and expensive home if you don't eradicate your home interior's undesired odor. Definitely, you, your pet, and any of your guests or a best friend will not like to live or breathe in a bad smell. What should you do to make your home environment a pleasant one with a lovely aroma of air? Lempe Berger Cercle's exquisite sparkle mist diffuser set will help you a lot to have a friendly smell environment.

Lampe Berger electric fragrance diffuser comes with an excellent combination of mist refills. These mist fragrances change the terrible smells of your home's interiors into wonderful ones. As a result, you get you live with confidence without feeling the fear of being ashamed by your friend and family. In addition to this, the Lampe Berger also has a lot of good impacts n your health, as it has a remarkable ability to kill bacteria and purify the air for you.

Quality - Maison Berger is one of the affordable diffusers in the sense that it has long-lasting results. Moreover, it doesn't require any essential oil and pure water as a refill, saving you a lot of money. Similarly, like other Lampe Berger, it doesn't have a flame, which means it doesn't emit unnecessary fragrance, and refill can last long.

History - Lampe Berger sparkle mist diffuser is one of the oldest brands introduced in 1898 and used as an air purifier in hospitals, homes, and pharmacies. The recent design is much better and improved than the old diffuser. Mostly the renowned designers and art community contribute to designing a lot, and now it finally becomes the style icon.

Remote features - Its remote features are merely unique, believe me, you will not find these features in any other diffuser that Lampe Berger offers.  You can control it remotely with a remote; on top of this, it also allows you to control the intensity of light and diffusion. Like you can set them according to your choice or the size of your room without moving from your bed.

Attractive - It becomes an attractive accessory with all these exciting features, and people love to have it at their homes for many years.  On seeing this popularity, more customers are now starting to attract the Maison Berger to purify the indoor air and add an elegant touch to their homes.

Elegant design - We like its design the most along with advanced and reliable material. Like the people can quickly assess the diffuser if you place it anywhere in front of them. Alot of diffusers you see in people's homes look like cheap plastic domes, but the Lampe Berger has an excellent design that is very similar to a lamp and can be considered a lamp if not observed closely. So you can enjoy it without letting the people know about it.

Best Lampe Berger Diffuser fragrances

Choosing the best Lampe Berger fragrance is always an exciting exercise because it helps you make your home environment a pleasant one. Here we go through some of the scents that are best to use at home. Moreover, we mainly cover those Lampe Berger wicks that have the most selling ratios and reviews.

1. Aroma dream

Aroma dream is remarkable for the aromatherapy that offers advanced health and healing benefits. Moreover, it can produce healthy negative ions to kill germ, bacteria, and unnecessary dust particles to purify the air.  

Thus, it is considered the best choice for improving sleep, enhancing the home environment and air quality. Aroma dream is specific to Maison Berger mist diffuser and comes in 475ml had a unique olfactory composition, and you can use it without any risk of underdosing and overdosing.

2. Heavenly sun 

It is one of the Lampe Berger fragrance that is considered a floral and oriental scent.  You should go for it if you want to have a warm and inviting atmosphere at your home.  Believe us; You will definitely amaze with its original scent. Moreover, it consists of non-toxic and best air purifying ingredients and has a remarkable ability to neutralize odors. Now buy the one and enjoy it with  Lampe Berger Cercle Exquisite Sparkle Mist Diffuser Set.

3. Ocean breeze 

Ocean breeze Maison Berger diffuser refill home fragrance is a sea breeze. It is especially renowned for opening your mind and heart with its inspirational and peaceful aroma. You will go on a bracing trip with the blend of its marine accords and citrus.

In addition to the above, this Lampe Berger fragrance is the best option to enhance your mood, especially when you want to breathe something special.  It is specially introduced keeping your health in mind. Purely safe to use and enjoyable.

4. Lavender fields 

Lavender fields Maison Berger diffuser refill comes with the most beneficial effects and restorative powers. Like it has excellent control of mental alertness, memory growth,  reducing anxiety, depression, and has a good impact on the skin as well.

This Lampe Berger scent comes with a pine trees balm for the pleasant sensation of fragrance and read to use along with all these exciting features. It means that you no need to do any extra activity to let it spread inside your room instead of refilling it in a Maison Berger diffuser.

5. Aroma energy 

Aroma energy is significantly famous for eliminating pet odor. Citrus scents of lemon, orange, and grapefruit with Tonik Zest help you make your home welcoming with pleasant air. Now bring joy to your home.

Foremost, the aroma energy mist diffuser refill has the distinctive archeological virtues that have a remarkable ability to keep you emotionally balance. Now it's time to enjoy this mist refill along with the Lampe Berger electric fragrance diffuser.

Benefits of Lampe Berger Sparkle Mist Diffuser

Lampe Berger electric fragrance diffuser not only keeps your home pleasant with a different scent but also purifies the air and eliminate odors. It also has a lot of good impacts on your health and body. They come up with numerous benefits, and you can avail of buying them. Here we go with some of the Lampe diffuser's services that will surely amuse you a lot.  , ther

These Must NOT be used with Classic Lamp Berger they are specific to the electric mist diffuser, and visa versa, do not use classic oil in your mist diffuser.

Help to improve cognitive function

Breathing a specific mist refill can boost your mind functionality, especially when they super-charge your brain cell.  It does not happen quickly or instantly; first, the Lampe Berger fragrance is soothing you when you are stressed. Then, they go to enhance your mood, and finally, you start feeling better and focused.  But for better results, you have to use them regularly to attain better cognitive functionality.

Recommended mist refill:   Focus

Relaxed sleep

 Everyone is looking for a relaxed sleep at the end of the day to reheal ourselves to ready for the next day. Well, you can use many methods to breathe your best Lampe Berger scents, but the Maison Berger makes this process the easiest one for you.   So buying a diffuser will help you enjoy these features with just a single push of a button to relax your mind and body.

Recommended mist refill: lavender fields

Eliminate Pet odor

 Only a pet lover can understand how it feels to smell the odor of a pet they leave behind. Even flushing them out or cleaning will not bring good results. In this case, the Maison Berger diffuser refill brings the best solution to this problem. They sanitize and purify the air with their pleasant fragrance and allow you to feel better. That's mean a pet lover should have a diffuser and keep their house as a welcoming environment.

Recommended mist refill: Aroma dream 

Keep your home bug-free

It's a well-known fact that using a Lampe Berger electric fragrance diffuser helps kill the bacteria and odor from the air and increase the oxygen level.  Along with this excellent feature diffuser also has a remarkable ability to eliminate the mosquito from your room. Does it is interesting to know? Yes, it is! Specially refill your Lampe Berger diffuser with Heavenly sun mist refill to repelling insects and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Recommended mist refill: Heavenly Sun

Help to deal with stress

Many of the Maison Berger diffuser refill available in the market can change your mood and help you keep you self-balance emotionally. They made with unique ingredients that create a mild effect at your home with their fragrance. Especially during COVID, this. is a great way to relax and enjoy a nice scent. These mist refills also help you to feel better, especially when you are depressed and anxious.  As a result, you get a highly favorable environment around you to deal with stress. 

Recommended mist refill: Ocean Breeze 

Help you to breathe better.

Many of us often have breathing disorders and allergic problems that create a lot of questions. The Maison Berger diffuser is the best choice for this difficulty because they are the best air purifier and can eliminate unnecessary dust particles. In addition to this, the mist refills also open your nose and sensation. Ultimately you get a sterile environment to breathe that also helps you to feel free and relaxed.

Recommended mist refill: Lavender Fields and Love 

It helps to heal yourself

 Maybe you may not believe it first, but it has seen that using essential mist diffuser refill can help you heal yourself and relieve pain. Well,  you may also paste them directly into your body. But using them in a Lampe Berger Sparkle Mist Diffuser Set to diffuse their fragrance will help you heal yourself bitterly. Because due to inhaling, they directly enter your bloodstream and internally relieve pain in your joints, muscles, and head.

Recommended mist refill:   Aroma Energy

Lampe Berger Diffusers are much better than regular diffusers

It can be considered a hot topic to compare the Lampe Berger Electric fragrance diffuser with the rest of the market diffusers. But here, we come up with an original and fact-based comparison.

Firstly, Lampe Berger Cercle Exquisite Sparkle Mist Diffuser Set has a nice glassy finish that will not hurt your child or pet as a candle diffuser do. In addition to this, they don't have flame that will surely not consume much of your oil or mist. A rough estimate has shown that a  mist dose can last for 24 hours.  Similarly, you can buy Maison Berger in various designs and styles available in plenty, but the standard diffuser does not come with this feature.

Secondly, the Lampe Burger doesn’t have any negative impact on your health. Like they are the alcohol-based fragrance diffuser that doesn’t emit any toxin material inside your room.  Moreover, unlike the nebulizer diffusers, the Maison Berger is much easy to clean and manage.  The facts do not end here; in 1930, Lampe Berger introduces the set of mist refills that helps the diffuser purify the air for you.

Lastly, the standard diffusers are not the best ones to spread the scent to far distances. Ultimately you have to spend extra money to buy a bigger size. But this not happens when you buy Lampe Berger Cercle Exquisite Sparkle Mist Diffuser Set. Because they come with a remote control feature, you can set the intensity of the fragrance and light according to your liking and the size of your room.  This feature helps them to stand out at the top in the marketplace.


Here we end up with a detailed and in-depth review and hope to help you a lot. Mainly it will give you a great idea to understanding the functional features and the worth buying of a Lampe Berger Cercle Exquisite Sparkle Mist Diffuser Set.  But still, you have to do something on your own. Like you have to choose the Maison Berger style of your choice when buying because they are available in multiple styles and sizes.

In addition to this, the Lampe Berger now becomes the need of every home. Firstly, the reasons are apparent; they come with worthy features that are beneficial for your health and body.  Secondly, they are the best air purifier and have the remarkable ability to level up the oxygen for you.  Likewise, they are the perfect tool to buy to deal with any problems like allergies, stress, and all the other breathing problems. Now it's time to bring the Lampe Berger magic to your home.

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