Keep Your Home Bug Free with Lampe Berger - Lampe Berger Review

Keep Your Home Bug Free with Lampe Berger

It has long been known that Lampe Berger use purifies the air by destroying odors and bacteria. When you burn the essential oils that are made from natural botanical extracts you create oxygen in the air. The most obvious use of this is for aroma therapy, but did you know particular oils have insect repelling properties. The highest rated Lampe berger oil for long-lasting elimination of mosquitoes is the Summer Nights Fragrance. After letting summer nights diffuse for 30 minutes on my patio the other night we enjoyed a bug free dinner and bonfire, all night long. The secret is a effective insecticidal formula that is all natural essential oil based, no chemicals, or smoking out the bugs. To be Honest since using lampe berger in the home I never see any occasional insects – which in South Florida is rare! What I like about using Lampe Berger for protection from bugs is that it’s a nicer/classy way to clear the summer air of bugs rather than the alternatives. One of the best deals now is Lampe Berger’s Summer Nights value pack – it comes with 180 ml of Summer Night Fragrance and Clear Round Lampe perfect for indoor or outdoor use. We use ours on our patio and it’s really nice, our guests always ask about this.

Checkout this cool video on the topic of Lampe Berger bug Repellent:

Once you’ve run through the start pack, Sumer Nights also comes in larger 1L Bottle.

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