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Everlasting Flowers of Corsica Lampe Berge Fragrance

Everlasting Flowers of Corsica Lampe Berger Fragrance

An escape to the mountains of Corsica. The Everlasting Flower is an exceptional plant as its flowers never wilt. It grows wild in the Corsican maquis, and is also known as “Gold Sun” because of its multitude of little yellow blossoms. Rediscover the authentic pleasure of a floral, aromatic and Mediterranean perfume. A perfume whose ingredients set the Everlasting Flower perfectly. The everlasting flower, at the heart of a fresh and aromatic composition.

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Crème brûlée Lampe Berge Fragrance

Crème brûlée Lampe Berger Fragrance

First, there’s a noise. The crack as the spoon breaks the thin crust of caramelised sugar to reveal the smooth creamy yellow beneath. This releases a smell like no other, both subtle and sensual: the sweetness of the slowly simmered milk, the fleshy fruitiness of the vanilla, the luxurious sugariness of the caramel. Then and only then, once your nose has flirted for long enough with the promise of physical pleasure, comes the tasting: the very slight bitterness of almond spreading over your taste buds, the velvety feel of cream rolling over your tongue. Crème brûlée is not just a dessert. It’s almost a sin.

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Luxurious Venice Lampe Berge Fragrance

Luxurious Venice Lampe Berger Fragrance

Plunge into the heart of the whirling and swirling Venice Carnival with Luxurious Venice, a breath taking composition, a fragrance of great femininity, with a crazy charm. A sophisticated, opulent and heady fragrance.

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New orleans Lampe Berge Review

New Orleans Lampe Berger Fragrance

A delicious sweet perfume with fruits accents and highlighted by the sweet cinnamon, honey and vanilla. New Orleans, the sweetness at it’s pure form, an overwhelming fragrance.

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Fresh Mint at the Riad Lampe Berge Fragrance

Fresh Mint at the Riad Lampe Berge Fragrance

Make a halt at the heart of a Moroccan Riad, to share the tea ceremony with Fresh Mint at the Riad, a true invitation to relaxation and conviviality. A refreshing and thirst quenching fragrance.

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Gardens on the Riviera Lampe Berge Fragrance

Gardens on the Riviera Lampe Berger Fragrance

Gardens on the Riviera invites us to take a stroll along the edges of the Mediterranean: a fresh breeze whispering among the branches of olive trees, the greenness of fig leaves, the richness of oak moss and ambergris, the fragrance of rose and citrus… Star fragrance of Mediterranean stopovers, Gardens on the Riviera concentrates the symbolic fragrances of the Mediterranean coast.A fresh, green and woody fragrance for an unforgettable olfactory journey along the edges of the mediterranean.

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Lemon Flower Lampe Scent

Lemon Flower Lampe Berger Fragrance

The lemon, mythological fruit, is at last captured by LAMPE BERGER, to disperse its fresh and delicate scent : Tonic nuances of lemon and lime in the head notes, Neroli and a hint of cologne in the heart notes, Orange blossom and vetiver in the base notes.

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Citrus Leaves Lampe Berge Fragrance

Citrus Leaves Lampe Berger Fragrance

A fragrance that is mischievous, fresh and invigorating to awaken your home ! At the head, fresh notes coming from the combination of sparkling citrus fruits (bergamot, lime) seasoned with a dash of fresh spice (nutmeg). At the heart, green flowery notes.

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Cotton Dreams Lampe Berge Fragrance

Cotton Dreams Lampe Berger Fragrance

Evokes the familiar smell of clean, this airy fragrance is made of fresh Marseille soap and bergamot which go well with the lavender and pine tree aromatic scents.

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Precious Jasmine Lampe Berge Fragrance

Precious Jasmine Lampe Berger Fragrance

A spicy, very refined and modern floral composition. An unsettling encounter between the warmth of jasmine and the exoticism of ylang, reveals a vibrant floral heart, subtly accorded with fresh, fruity notes. Head notes , the tender and enchanting jasmine blends with the sunny notes of ylang. Heart notes, a bouquet of floral notes both gentle and spicy (carnation and peony). Base notes, the sweet and fruity freshness of orchard fruits (peach, apricot).

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